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What is DPC?

This innovative non-traditional choice for health care model is not a new concept but is a model that allows me, the provider, to spend more than adequate amount of time with you and your family while drastically reducing the cost of your health care by providing many of the standard services directly to you for an affordable monthly membership (or single time walk-in fee). Many other wonderful benefits include unlimited communication, longer appointment times, house call  or tele-visit via web-cam/phone when needed which will provide you with more time for your family or work. Same day or next day appointment for your acute or urgent needs. You can also get a wholesale cost on medication, lab work and so much more with this model while either having no insurance, or holding onto your current insurance plan or maintaining a high deductible catastrophic insurance plan for the "what if" moment. Whichever you choose*, this model will still end up saving you money and provide more personalized care. Not convinced? Hear us out....The standard model of health care is a fee for service model where the providers are pressured to see patients in very brief (10-15 minutes) appointments to allow for the volume of patients per day to reach status quo and thus income for the clinic and the is a business model and really takes away from you--the patient and your needs. You end up waiting longer than you actually see the provider. The DPC model is entirely focused on you with health and valuable time with your provider at its core. It is what health care should strive for to reduce unnecessary cost and promote actual health, well-being and education. It provides better health outcomes and personally benefits you--the consumer--while decreasing ER visits and hospitalizations. If you have further questions, contact us!  

Are you fed up with your health care choices? Come check us out and see what makes JCPC Health different!

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Informed

Do you take Insurance? Medicare/Medicaid? Why not?

Do I still need insurance if I enrolled in the membership?

JCPC take Medicare part B only! Unfortunately we do not take Medicaid. JCPC currently in the process of credentialling with local Blue Cross Blue Shield until the process completed, we will not be able to see anyone who has insurance, unless willing to pay out-of-pocket.  You can use your insurance for laboratory work. 

What services provided in the membership and is it expensive?

To become a member, there will be a one-time establish care fee during your first visit ($50) 

Individuals cost $80

Two adults (Couple) $155

Family (Parents + 1 child) $230

Each additional children $75 

Discounts for Teacher, Healthcare worker, Military/veteran, law enforcement worker, and adult college students. 

Do I have to be a member to be seen? How much will my co-payment be?

No, anyone can come and be seen at JCPC as a walk-in or a quick visit for minor illnesses or other services that JCPC offer in-clinic (we DO NOT offer dental services) but you can be seen for dental pain until you can get an appointment with a dentist. Advisable to call ahead to ensure that we can see you for same day or next day appointment. Please refer to our Self-pay pricing list. 

For DPC members, no co-payment ever!

Hope this FAQ page helps. Any other questions? Call, Text or Email us with your questions. We will be happy to answer them. 

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